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Targeted therapy for cancer-related genetic variants is critical for precision medicine, and next-generation sequencing based discovery of genetic variants become popular in cancer studies and clinical practice. Although several databases including CIViC, OncoKB, CGI, MCG provide clinical interpretations of variants in cancer, the clinical evidence was limited and miscellaneous.

In our study, we provide the DrugCVar database, which integrated our manually curated cancer variant-drug targeting evidences from literature and the interpretations from the public resources. In total, 8,539 clinical evidences for cancer variant-drug targeting were integrated and classified into ten evidence tiers. Searching and browsing functions were provided for quick queries of cancer variant-drug targeting evidence. Also, batch annotation was developed for use-provided massive genetic variants in various formats. Details such as the mutation function, location of the variants in gene and protein structures, and mutation statistics of queried genes in various tumor types were also provided for further investigations. Thus, DrugCVar could serve as a comprehensive annotation tool to interpret potential drugs for cancer variants especially the massive ones from clinical cancer genomics studies.

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